The BadASS Truth About Colorectal Cancer

I promise this Blog will not be all doom and gloom! ⛈️ BUTT because this article is a part of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, it’s also important for you to have facts. I’m not a fan of hyperbole in the news, butt CANCER KILLS PEOPLE! (a lot of people) More specifically, CRC is the NUMBER 2 cancer killer (no pun intended 💩), second only to lung cancer!

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“With around 1 MILLION new cases every year, CRC is the third most frequently occurring cancer in the world… It causes more than 500,000 deaths every year…”


If you think that isn’t a lot, write down all of your inner circle including relatives and see how fast you get to 24. Do any of you have CRC? GOOD! Keep getting your butts checked because for the vast majority of people, CRC is highly preventable through Colonoscopy screenings starting at age 45!

THINK YOU’RE TOO YOUNG TO GET CRC? THINK AGAIN! According to the Colon Cancer Coalition, “By 2030 colorectal cancer may be the leading cause of cancer death in adults under 50.” That’s staggering! “Annually there will be about 18,000 cases of colorectal cancer diagnosed [just] in people under 50.” That’s 49 new cases per day in the under 50 age group alone. Currently, “1 in 5 [CRC] patients are between the ages of 20–54 years old.” I was one of those! And here’s a crazy statistic for you, “People born after 1990 have 2 times the risk of developing colon cancer and 4 times the risk of developing rectal cancer than those born in 1950.”,years%20of%20age%20and%20older

What does this mean for you? GET SCREENED! If you are age 45 and over and haven’t had your first CRC screening yet, GO! RUN! If you have any symptoms regardless of your age, RUN FASTER!

While home tests like Cologuard can identify some cancers, the best, most comprehensive test you can get is a colonoscopy. Many people fear this or are embarrassed by it. I can assure you that the minor discomfort of the prep is worth that nice nap you get out of the deal. 😴 Plus, if you think a colonoscopy is uncomfortable, try a year of cancer treatment and a life of trying not to poop your pants in public!💩😬

I am not a doctor. I am married to one, but she’s the other kind thus all opinions herein are my own and should not be considered medical advice. Please, do your own homework, make your own choices and consult your own experts!

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1/2 @CCnDoc, semi-retired CEO, author, exec coach, digital creator & BadASS rectal cancer survivor living bold in the SOCO mountains, podcasting on CCnDoc Talk.

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Cindy Coe (CC)

1/2 @CCnDoc, semi-retired CEO, author, exec coach, digital creator & BadASS rectal cancer survivor living bold in the SOCO mountains, podcasting on CCnDoc Talk.