The BadASS Blog Elevator Speech

So today, with a whopping two articles on Medium, I announced on social media that I’m starting this blog! 😂 Facebook sort of forced my hand when I went out there to update some things on my profile and realized that my updates were posting to my timeline and I started getting likes and comments. Well that cat’s out of the bag! 🐈 I took it as a sign from the universal broadcast system! 🤷‍♀️

Right now I’m doing a series of the same name “My BadASS Life” on to shed light on Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, so the oops announcement led to a great opportunity to fill in my social media followers on the fact that I have started a NEW BLOG!

If you are not following me/us on social media yet, I wish you would! We have a lot of fun out there! Join us anytime!

Many years ago I ran a successful food and travel blog as a side hustle after becoming a little bored with the organizational development firm I had been running for 11 years. Anyhoo, the point is that I ended up being both content developer and web designer/developer for that blog and quite frankly, it was exhausting — I did learn enough that when I put the blog to bed I started a web design side hustle. Butt honestly, when I thought about all the work that would go into building my own site again, not to mention all of those ads, I just couldn’t do it. So I chose Medium. I am semi-retired after all. Plus, I have some other very cool things I’m doing these days, which you will hear about in later posts! Medium is a great platform that allows me to keep it simple (If that’s even possible for me? 😂).

Did I jump the gun in announcing? I don’t know. What I do know is I really want to give back to the Colorectal Cancer community and right now this feels right. I don’t have the energy to write another book, and this blog allows way more interaction!

There is so much I want to give back, so many things I want to say and so many people I want to hear from! A Blog allows this to be an interactive forum.

So here’s the ElevatorSpeech…

“Welcome to My BadASS Life! 💪 Boldy oversharing on life before, during and after stage 3b Rectal Cancer, life with a semicolon, spirituality, food, and 💩! I’m on a mission to support the Colorectal Cancer community, educate others about CRC, and encourage you to get screened! ASK ME ANYTHING! 💙

The downside of Medium is that it is mostly a pay-to-read service. BUTT, you can read two articles a month for FREE, so I hope you will consider reading mine! 😉



“The Mind Fuck of Weight loss and Body Image.” Sound intriguing? IT IS! We delve into our own history of body image woes; the skinny bitch (Doc) and I also discuss how much cancer fucked with my head in regard to my weight. So while this is not a “cancer podcast” it does touch on the topic! We hope you will check it out and share it with your friends!

I am not a doctor. I am married to one, but she’s the other kind thus all opinions herein are my own and should not be considered medical advice. Please, do your own homework, make your own choices and consult your own experts!

You can find all of CCnDoc’s adventures as well as freebies, our social media accounts, books and fun merch . My articles may sometimes include affiliate links and other links to make purchases, whereby I will make a small commission. Purchases and donations help support this blog, our podcast, social media efforts, my healthcare costs and they supplement my annual donations to colorectal cancer organizations.💙

Haters will not be tolerated and any such comments will be deleted and reported.



1/2 @CCnDoc, semi-retired CEO, author, exec coach, digital creator & BadASS rectal cancer survivor living bold in the SOCO mountains, podcasting on CCnDoc Talk.

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Cindy Coe (CC)

1/2 @CCnDoc, semi-retired CEO, author, exec coach, digital creator & BadASS rectal cancer survivor living bold in the SOCO mountains, podcasting on CCnDoc Talk.